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Spirituality is an Everyday Thing!

Dec 30, 2022 07:35AM ● By Jeff Carpenter
Jeff Carpenter sitting at a table with Tarot cards in front of him.

Have you ever had that strange gut instinct or cold shiver guiding you to rethink a choice? At the Dimensions of Heaven and Earth spiritual center, in Scottsdale, we encourage you to welcome intuition as an everyday part of your standard routine, yet how do you learn to access and develop it? Most of us have assembled a toolbox of tools for our DIY projects over the years; isn’t it time you assemble your intuitive toolbox as well? At Dimensions, we are committed to offering tools and training to help you find your methods for integrating your spiritual energy into your daily life.
Leveraging seven years of experience in New Jersey, Dimensions of Heaven and Earth has created a center of personal services and inspirational education to help guide you on your own personal journey, tailor-made to fit your interests. We offer private reiki energy cleansing sessions and psychic and medium readings for healing and insight, both on premises and remotely via Zoom or phone. Our guided meditations are a great way to introduce yourself to our center. Dimensions’ workshops cover everything from protecting your personal space from unwanted energies to cleansing the energies of your home and office. Our psychic development series is compelling, and our reiki attunement classes provide you certification as a reiki practitioner. 
Dimensions also works with exceptional local vendors to stock spiritual tools and treasures to help you manage your energies and those of your home. Our beautiful gifts are designed to provide health, wellness and focus, and we give instruction on how to actually use them—from crystals and grids to pendulums, candles and sage to herbal teas, and medicinal honeys to intentional soaps and body butters. Even our wall art radiates intention!
Jeff Carpenter is the owner, reiki master teacher, and spirit rescue medium of the Dimensions of Heaven and Earth spiritual center, located at 11108 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Ste. E16, in Scottsdale. For more information or to make an appointment, visit or call 732-832-1036.