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Self-Care During Seasonal Changes

Aug 31, 2023 06:35AM ● By Cathleen Mitchell
A woman standing behind a table full of essential oils.

As the seasons change—particularly from summer to fall and winter—being mindful of nature’s rhythms can help with balancing our mind, body and spirit.
When temperatures drop, damp weather and lower atmospheric pressure can cause increased chronic pain levels, joint stiffness and reduced mobility. As the days get shorter, we get less exposure to sunlight, impacting both our mood and our energy levels, making us feel more fatigued. Some people also experience an increase in symptoms of depression and/or irritability. This is a time to be extra gentle with yourself and reflect on how your needs change as the seasons do. Here are some ideas on adjusting your self-care routine as fall approaches: 
Stretch. Get your blood flowing; warm yourself up gently. Roll out a yoga mat and focus on your body for a few moments.
Refresh. Focus on what brings you joy and refreshes you. Find new ways to provide restorative, balanced energy—perhaps a massage, or an acupuncture or reiki session.  
Nourish. Focus on nutrients that help with brain function and mood: vitamin D; omega-3 fatty acids; B vitamins; and minerals, such as selenium, zinc and iron. Eating fruits and vegetables that are yellow, orange and red in color is a great place to start. Spice things up and boost your immunity with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg and cloves.

Cathleen Mitchell is founder of Kaya Holistic, a lifestyle boutique in Phoenix that carries a curated selection of handcrafted, sustainable goods and botanical wellness products. From cultivators and formulators to makers and artisans, she is committed to supporting those who make a significant impact in our world through sustainable practices and conscious choices. Kaya Holistic is located at 6102 N. 16th St. For more information, call 480-737-0867 or visit