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Is Your Home’s Electricity Making You Sick? [business spotlight]

Oct 31, 2023 06:56AM ● By Mike Goral
am person wokring on an electric outlet.


“Dirty power,” or “dirty electricity,” is unfortunately very common in U.S. homes. In fact, as an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) specialist, I have yet to see a home that does not have dirty electricity. Though there can be external sources to blame, the reality is a lot of it originates right inside our walls!
Firstly, the copper wiring in our walls can act as an antenna, picking up nearby signals from cellphone, television and radio towers. These frequencies then find their way to our household wires and add measurable levels of radiation that shouldn’t be there. Dirty electricity is also caused by the way many modern appliances and electronics use electric power. They can generate additional harmonic frequency distortions onto our wiring that often result in increased levels of radiation (or EMFs) right inside our homes.
This is unfortunate because this dirty electricity problem is largely avoidable. B.D. Erickson, president of Satic USA, a Montana-based company that specializes in clean-power products, says the remedy is rather simple: “A simple 20-cent filter installed into most electronic products would clean up a lot of the ‘dirty electricity’ around us today.” Since there is no regulation in place, these filters are not utilized in household electronics. Because this homemade form of radiation often originates right inside our own walls, we should seriously consider the health consequences of long-term exposure.
Numerous studies have shown that dirty electricity can be harmful; it has been linked to the incidence of cancer, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and even multiple sclerosis. Knowing your home’s dirty electricity levels is especially important if you are dealing with existing health issues because prolonged exposure to this kind of EMF radiation can make things worse. I always tell clients that sleeping areas are of the utmost importance because we heal when we sleep.
We often recommend that clients turn off the power to all sleeping areas at the breaker panel before going to sleep. This technique clears all wiring in the walls of active current, removing most of, if not all, dirty electricity from the area. This cannot be done by merely unplugging all our electronics from the wall or turning them off, because the wires on the other side of our headboards still have active current on them. For many people, walking out to the breaker panel every night is inconvenient. So, our team of EMF-literate licensed electricians can install a simple device known as a “remote cut-off switch.” This is a remote-controlled system that can turn the sleeping area circuits on and off each night right from the bedroom.
There are also great dirty electricity filtration solutions available, including plugin-style filters that can be added to outlets that measure higher levels of dirty electricity, or single wire-in units that our electricians can install at the breaker panel, which help to mitigate dirty electricity coming in from the utility company while at the same time keeping your internal circuits clean.
When doing in-home client assessments, we can identify and locate hidden EMFs like dirty electricity and help to make your home the healthy sanctuary you deserve it to be! Contact us today to learn more.

Mike Goral is the founder of Prime EMF Leaders. He is a graduate of Centennial College’s radio and television broadcasting program. He has also studied at the Building Biology Institute. For many years, he worked as a network technician and provided engineering support for a large-scale satellite data distribution network where he gained extensive knowledge about radio signals, signal transmission and used professional testing equipment to measure various radiation fields. After suffering from electrosensitivity in his own home, Goral learned various mitigation strategies that eliminated his symptoms. He was so inspired by all that he had learned that he began teaching these mitigation strategies to others. To connect with him, call/text 480-360-4478 or email [email protected]. Also visit