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Mystical Medicinals, LLC

Mystical Medicinals
14045 N. 7th Street
Suite 4
Phoenix, AZ 85022

We are not one-dimensional beings therefore to achieve the best results from our healing efforts, we need to address all the dimensions of ourselves. When we address our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, we see true transformation and lasting results. Mystical Medicinals, located in the Phoenix area, was created to assist people with doing just that.

The primary service offered by Mystical Medicinals is the ancient art of Laying on of Stones. This practice involves the placement of various stones on and around the body. Because Mackenzie has such a strong affinity with the plants, she also brings plant energy into the sessions as well. The two work together to create an even more powerful energy field. The energies of the stones and plants help to create an environment in which the body can re-balance itself. Through this balanced state, the body can initiate the healing process through its own measures. These sessions can also be used to: clear the auric field, sever unwanted energy ties, release emotional/energetic blockages, move into the energy of love, prosperity, etc. as well as elevating consciousness.

Mackenzie Dickson is a certified crystal healer as well as a certified herbalist. She is the creator of Mystical Medicinals, a business specializing in the ancient art of Laying on of Stones as well as combining the modalities of herbalism and crystal therapy for healing. For more information about her practice, visit her website at