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Herbs and Crystals for Better Sleep

Jun 30, 2021 06:35AM ● By Mackenzie Dickson
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Getting restful sleep is one of the most important things we can do to promote optimal health. During the sleep state, our body has the opportunity to dedicate its energy to regenerating and replacing any damaged cells. It is a much needed rest for our brains, allowing us to experience proper cognitive and behavioral function. It reduces stress levels and prevents disease. The list of benefits of proper sleep goes on and on.
While most people understand that proper sleep is important, many struggle to improve their sleep and suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Our lives are filled with stress and overstimulation, which throw off our natural circadian rhythm.
Both herbal medicine and crystal healing offer tools that can help us to improve our sleep. When combined, the effects are even more powerful.
Here are some herbs that have been used for centuries to support relaxation and promote restful sleep:
Gently calming and soothing to the nerves. Supports restful sleep and aids those prone to nightmares.
Lifts the spirits and helps relieve insomnia. Aids with anxiety, mild depression, and is even used to treat headaches.
Hops Flower
Helps to quiet the mind and aids in falling asleep. Contains sedative properties and aids in restlessness. Should be avoided by those who experience depression.
Helps relieve muscle tension, can be used to treat tension headaches, and is commonly used to treat chronic fatigue and insomnia. It is often used in conjunction with passionflower to promote restful sleep.
Useful for managing stress, anxiety and tension. Serves as a relaxant to relieve tension. Commonly used to treat insomnia in conjunction with skullcap.
The easiest way to incorporate crystal therapy into your efforts is to place a crystal on your nightstand or under your pillow. Alternatively, you can create a crystal grid around or under your bed to create an energy field conducive to restful sleep. You may wish to consult a crystal healing practitioner for more details.
Here are some crystals that can be used to promote restful sleep:
A calming and spiritually protective stone. Aids in peaceful, pleasant dreams.
Blue Lace Agate
An extremely calming stone often used to relieve anxiety and calm the mind. It is very centering and can help slow an overactive mind.
A very gentle and calming stone that aids us in entering the sleep state more easily.
Calming and soothing, this stone also helps bring focus to a scattered mind.
Brings harmony and balance to our physical and emotional bodies. Helps reduce sleep disturbances, leading to more restful sleep.
Not only will working with these herbs and crystals likely help you get better sleep, you will have a chance to connect to some of the gifts our beautiful Mother Earth has provided for us.

Mackenzie Dickson is a certified crystal healer as well as a certified herbalist and reiki master. She is the owner of Mystical Medicinals, a business specializing in crystal therapy as well as combining the energies of herbs and crystals for healing. For more information, call 602-918-3791, follow her on Instagram @mysticalmedicinalsaz or email [email protected].



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