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Positive Body Language Seminar with David Milgram in Sedona

Join Doctor of Chiropractic David Milgram on Saturday, September 21, and Sunday, September 22, in Sedona for a Level 1 Positive Body Language seminar.

“Dr. David Milgram has been involved with the Seven Herbs from its inception, when we were young students of wisdom in Minneapolis. No one has more clinical experience with these Plant Teachers than Dr. Milgram. He combines this with over 30 years of meditation on their nature to produce a comprehensive therapeutic system based on their sevenfold teachings,” says Matthew Wood, author of 7 Herbs Plants as Teachers.

Positive Body Language (PBL) was developed by Milgram over 40 years of chiropractic practice and alternative medicine study. PBL is designed to make people’s healing practices more impactful for their patients, less impactful on their bodies, and provide a deeper connection to health and wellness for the practitioners as well as their patients.

PBL seminars teach participants the 7 Keys to Positive Body Language: principles and practices, tools and techniques. The seminars are open to all practitioners of the healing arts, though particularly to those whose minds and spirits are inclined to view the physical body holistically through the lens of energetics. The “metapracticum,” the hands-on part of the seminar, will teach the PBL contacts for the seven tonalities within each key to self-empowerment, other patterned sequences, as well as related soft tissue and chiropractic-type adjustments.

For more information, visit Join Doctor of Chiropractic David Milgram’s email list and receive a free e-book, The 7 Keys to Self-Empowerment.

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