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You Deserve to Feel Your Best [business spotlight]

Oct 31, 2019 10:00AM

Naturopathic Health Care for Women

by Andrea Purcell

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrea Purcell. I use natural medicine as a first resort to address health concerns and promote healing.

For me it has always been about women. Women’s health is complicated. We go through many shifts during the course of our lives, and these shifts can dramatically affect our health. Natural medicine has the ability to support you through these changes, alleviate symptoms, and reverse the beginnings of disease.

I believe that your body and mind have an ability to heal and that diseases can be reversed. I believe in supporting the body so it can heal itself.

Imagine having more fun at work, loving your relationships, and feeling confident in your body. Everything just feels easier because you’ve got the energy and the positive mindset to respond to whatever life throws at you. I like to call it “positive head space.”

At my practice, we do health care very differently. For starters, we care about finding your underlying issues, and we care about the quality of your life. We also care about your impact on the people who are counting on you. Most importantly, we care about you because we see you suffering and we don’t believe in needless suffering—especially when you have a life to live.

As women, we tend to put everyone in front of ourselves. Rarely do we make our own self-care a priority. Because of this, we often put off addressing our health for far too long. There is no time to waste. Do not allow one more day of your precious life to get away from you. If you are done with feeling over-tired and uninspired, then it’s time to make a change. You deserve to get answers for the reasons behind your health challenges. You deserve to make yourself a priority.

Wherever you are on your health journey, our approach is specifically designed to help you take the necessary steps to move forward into health and vitality. Maybe you’re dealing with health and hormonal issues, battling with a disease and medications are starting to pile up, or you just know you feel older than you are and could be feeling and looking better. Or maybe you’ve neglected your health for far too long.

Members of my practice have healed their bodies and minds, lost weight, gained confidence and motivation, balanced hormones, released anxiety, had better sleep, learned how to care for themselves, and most importantly, restored confidence within themselves.

We coach you every step of the way. We’ve removed all the guesswork so you don’t have to spend your precious energy navigating through conflicting information, reading health and diet books, or digging up recipes.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to be in the driver’s seat with your health, then natural medicine is for you. Let us help you discover the underlying causes of your concerns and address them one by one so they no longer hold any power over you. Take back your power and your health starting now.

We take health very seriously, and we listen to your concerns, your struggles, and the goals you want for yourself. Then we build a step-by-step guide to walk you all the way through to your destination. This is health care.

Dr. Andrea Purcell is a naturopathic medical doctor in Phoenix. She is also a best-selling author of Feed Your Cells Cookbook and Over 35 and Pregnant. For more information, visit


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