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You Can Hear God Yeulet (Follow)

by Tom Bird

God wrote all the books ... at least that’s what I can say about the thousands of books I have helped authors birth over the last 36 years. And that’s been and still is my job—to help people birth their books by connecting them directly to the author of those books: God.

When they commit to this most natural of all acts, their books just come pouring out of them, enabling them to complete writing them in a few days.

What’s the lesson in all this?

Simple. God is reaching out to all of us, all of His/Her offspring in a variety of ways—the lyrics of a song playing on the radio, the words of a friend, and, yes, through the calling to write a book.

We definitely should listen to and follow that calling. For there is only one who has both the insight and authority to detail for you exactly who you are and thus why you are here, and what you are meant to do on this Earth. And as a direct heir of that Source, you deserve the right to hear that Source and the truth, love and wisdom He/She constantly shares—not secondarily, where human error runs rampant, through the words of a church, guru, clergy or psychic, who should ideally be to lead you to your own recognition of that ultimate of all connections lying dormant in you, but directly for yourself.

Renowned best-selling author/speaker Neale Donald Walsch did so in his Conversations With God series, completely debunking that you have to go through some outside source. And 28 books later, look how he has changed the world!

But that wasn’t the only documented case in history when God spoke directly to a human being. In fact, the Bible is loaded with such instances.

And outside the context of the Bible, there are even more documented accounts of this transpiring.

St. Joan of Arc not only heard and listened to but also acted on what she heard God say to her, which led her to being declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church in 1920.

And it is chronicled that in the winter of 1956, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sat at his kitchen table frightened to death about what may happen to him and his family should he follow through with his participation in the Montgomery bus boycott. It was then that he heard the voice of Jesus come through proclaiming, “I will be with you.” In response, King moved forward, igniting his legendary civil rights ministry, and the rest is history.

The point I am trying to make is that the crucial point in moving from ordinary to extraordinary comes directly as the result of hearing God and listening to what He/She has to say and acting upon what is shared.

And the good news is that God operates like a 24/7 radio station. And all you have to do to hear God via one of the endless number of modalities available to you is to tune in.

The second bit of good news I want to share is that according to a 1999 Gallup Poll, 23% of Americans openly admit to having heard a voice or seen a vision that they felt was a direct response to a prayer. This is a number that is sure to have increased in the time since the poll was taken.

A byproduct of these communications has been not only the wisdom and guidance that was shared, but also the majority of the 23% report feeling vastly more loved as the result of the interchange. And the power of love, the great healer, has been proven throughout the ages as well.

I’m here to assure you that you can do it too—that is being able to reciprocally communicate back and forth with God. In fact, as a direct descendant of God, you already are programmed to do just that.

All that has to be done for this reciprocal communication to transpire in your life is for the effects of the inappropriate thinking you’ve been injected with to be removed and be replaced with the sage wisdom and preprogrammed guidance, as a child of God, that you were blessed with.

God is relentless because your life mission is priceless, as are you. Make time, take steps to listen to, and be guided by God. And change the world!

Tom Bird, of Sedona, is a best-selling author who has helped thousands connect with their divine purposes by communing with the Divine through the writing of their books. Bird’s authors have produced more than 120 bestsellers. Connect at 714-292-8030 (office) or