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Health Is the Greatest Gift of All!

PolarAid users are enthusiastic to share their PolarAid experiences on how this simple, revolutionary wellness tool has changed their lives. From two of our longtime PolarAid users:

“When I tested your PolarAid disc, it tested incredibly well. It transforms the ability of the organism to withstand the radiation. I was shocked, to say the least. I started using the device myself and noticed significant changes. I tested the PolarAid disc on numerous other people and found that it worked on everybody. Needless to say, I started recommending people purchase one or two or the family pack and get the whole family involved.” R.A., DC, ND, Kelowna, B.C.

“This is a real gift and wellness tool, especially in this troubled pandemic age. What a masterful tool to balance your energies .... I am grateful! Thank you.” S.S., Tempe, AZ

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For more information, including viewing an informative video on using the product, and to order, visit or call 450-486-7888.