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A Song to Open Our Hearts and Relieve Stress

Many of us are searching for ways to relieve stress. Eckankar, the path of spiritual freedom, offers a direct link to divine love and guidance amid the stresses of daily living. It teaches singing HU (pronounced hue), a universal name for God, which can spiritually uplift people of any faith or culture.
HU can bring solace, peace and God’s love. This sacred mantra can open one’s heart to hear the nudges the Holy Spirit gives us to bring us closer to God’s love. Each of us is on our own journey home to God. When difficult choices are before us, we can pause and do a heart check. By listening to our heart, we may receive a knowingness of the best choice in this moment. Singing HU is a way to stay connected to divine love and inner guidance in all situations.
Source: Hugh Thompson, M.D. A former orthopedic surgeon, Thompson loves to volunteer at the Rotary Club, hospice and as a literacy mentor. He is also a stone sculptor and a member of the Eckankar clergy. For more information about HU, visit For more information about spiritual stress relief, visit and download the free Soul Adventure e-booklet. For local Eckankar events, visit

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