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Women’s Wellness Series

This May, join Natural Awakenings and KnoWEwell for a women’s wellness event entitled Overcoming Stress: How to Balance It All. Each Tuesday at 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT, top integrative and functional medicine experts in women’s health will present cutting-edge insights into the many ways that stress can impact hormones, thyroid function, fertility and libido, and also provide tangible recommendations to improve skin care, aging, sleep and mindset. The speakers are:


·       Anna Cabeca, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, author of The Hormone Fix

·       Trevor Cates, naturopathic doctor, author of Clean Skin From Within

·       Anne Marie Fine, naturopathic doctor, author of Cracking the Beauty Code

·       Carrie Jones, functional medicine physician specializing in hormone and thyroid health

·       Jaquel Patterson, naturopathic physician, success coach, author of Women and Lyme

·       Carol A. Penn, board-certified physician, mindset coach, author of Meditation in a Time of Madness

·       Arti Chandra, double board certified physician specializing in integrative and functional medicine and public health

·       Jaclyn Smeaton, naturopathic doctor specializing in hormone health and reproductive medicine

·       Kela Smith, holistic-integrative fertility and hormone doctor

·       Jyl Steinbeck, personal trainer and lifestyle expert

·       Lorraine Maita, board certified physician, specializing in antiaging and hormone harmonizing



The $59 event fee includes all Tuesday evening sessions. To learn more and register, visit or scan the QR Code.