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Good To Know - Red Bell Peppers Chantrakool

Red bell peppers are healthier than their sibling peppers (green, yellow and orange) because they stay on the vine longer and are given more time to absorb vitamins and minerals. Containing more than 200% of the body’s recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, red bell peppers are categorized as one of the healthiest vegetables. High amounts of vitamin C help with the absorption of iron, which can be beneficial for those suffering from an iron deficiency.

Even though the red bell pepper is more sweet than spicy hot, it causes a thermogenesis in the body, which increases the metabolism and can therefore help with weight loss.

Also high in vitamins A and E, the pepper is full of antioxidants, which neutralize the damage-causing free radicals spiraling throughout the body. The redder the fruit or vegetable, the better it is for the body.