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Local Author Releases New Book [book brief]

Med School After Menopause, The Journey of My Soul, a new book by Ann Charlotte Valentin, NMD, is an inspirational story about transformation, healing and spirituality. By sharing her own journey and paranormal experiences through life, Valentin inspires the readers to find their “divine feminine,” intuitive powers and soul’s purpose.

“I knew I was dying. The first thing I noticed was that I was still alive. I was still there, just outside my body!” This was Valentin’s reaction as she came close to death in the ER in 1992. She then developed a serious blood disorder and walked a fine line between life and death for several years. Two years later as she struggled to heal, she again left her body, which resulted in a spiritual transformation and activated her life path. As a result of these experiences, she became clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

Valentin shows the reader that it is never too late to transform one’s life path. She inspires her audience to become the people they were born to be by moving from their mind to their heart. Exercises throughout the book support her messages and can easily be incorporated into your daily life. This book will take you on a journey that will help you create peace and happiness in your mind, heart and soul.

Valentin is a naturopathic medical doctor, evidential medium, spiritual educator and public speaker. She lives in Phoenix, where she founded and operates her medical clinic, Center for Integrative Medicine, as well as her spiritual center, Divine Spiritual Essence.

Published by Divine Publishing, Med School After Menopause, The Journey of My Soul is available on Amazon and in bookstores. For more information about Ann Charlotte Valentin, NMD, visit, or Dr. Lotte Valentin on Facebook or Instagram.



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